Permit me to approach you in this manner. I am gordon holliday a
Solicitor at law. I'm soliciting your support to reprofile SEVEN
MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GBP belonging to my late client who
accidentally died intestate in an auto crash along with his immediate
family 2006. The bank has long asked me to present his next of kin so
that the funds could be transferred to him but my search to that
effect has been abortive hence my contacting you to partner me so that
we can have the funds transferred to you.

Coincidentally, my late client bears the same surname as you and as
such it will be easy to carry out this transaction with your
assistance. You will have 45% of the funds for your efforts in this.
If you are willing and capable of engaging in this do get back to me
so that i can give you further details.

Do note that the deal is risk free as i have everything laid out for
the successful completion.

Thanks for your understanding.

Gordon Holliday

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